Session Drumming

A great drum recording can transform your track!!!

John has been a session drummer for 15 years and is well known for his abilities in and out of the studio environment.

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Equipment list

Pearl Masters Maple shell 22″, 16″, 14″, 12″ Champagne Sparkle.

Pearl Masterworks Dennis Chambers Signature 14″ 4 ply Maple snare drum.

Sabian Ed Shaughnessy Signature Ride Cymbal, 14″ K Custom Crash, 16″ A Custom Crash, Sabian AAX Stage Hi-hats, Amedia Handmade Vigor Splash.

John uses top line 2000 series Pearl Hardware including the notorious eliminator double bass drum pedal.

Remo Ambassador Heads for versatility in playing style.

Vic Firth Sticks.

Mizuko -John Kirby
The Watch – It’s Over

Angela Denna – Flotsam
Genesish Tribute Act

Stephen Baines – You Reign
Mizuko -John Kirby

Artist Credits

The Watch, Kolective Organika, Angela Denna, Just Above Snakes, The Chevrons, The Jeps, The Underdogs, Genesish, Aaron Miller, Jack Cheetham, Steven Baines, Alis Eaton, Imogen Rae, Mackenzie Wilson, Lawrence Berry, The Bad Look, Phil Wood, Pauline Sharpels, Rufus Garside, Shiver, The Redwings, Landmark, Chris Walton, Dan Royle, Mark Gray, Rick Sheridan, Atanas Dinchev, Jono Peatman, Sevan Riccaldi Sarkissian, Shrine, Tom Robinson, James Bailey, Issy Varley, Dimitris Sakellari, Alan Keirby, Rudolfs Ilken, Elliot Ramsbottom.

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