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“Rudimental Absence”

“A logical consequence of your marvellous innovation.”

The Art of Noises. Luigi Russolo

This multi channel speaker installation uses an electroacoustic formula to generate sound within the body of a drum. The drum is removed from its stereotypical environment, demonstrating unique sonic characteristics while excluding rudimental features. Introducing a new instrument the Drumurd, inspired by Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori. 

Rudimental Absence is a composition constructed merely from the sounds captured inside the Drumurd using gain control. The composer John Kirby has played drums for 21 years, consistently developing his individual identity and versatility as a performer, to a high standard. John specialises in session drumming, drum composition and indicates a particular interest in the design, timbre and sonic qualities of drums.

Suspended from the gallery ceiling the colourful Drumurds duplicate their original sound source, highlighting their musicality, creating a beautiful collage of different layers and textures of sound

CLICK HERE To view the sound installation

JOHN 316

10 Polyrhythmic elements were repeated continuously along a time line until every Polyrhythm resolved. The resolution of all the polyrhythms was 316 bars. The grid that was created through this layering technique was used as the score for the composition. Each Polyrhythmic element was then made polyphonic by performing the composition on a Marimba.

Noise vs Nuance

The Recording Studio As A Creative Tool

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