Studio Production

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Remote Recording£40 per hour

This service allows you the opportunity to record in your own environment, or an environment on your choice. This could be in your own home, or if you’re recording a choir or a live band rehearsal. Equipment will be provided to capture your performance and you will be provided with the raw stems to work with.

Studio Recording – £380 for 8 hours or £190 for 4 hours

An opportunity for you to record your music in a professional environment with industry standard equipment. I will engineer your session and provide a basic mix as a WAV, MP3 or AIFF to take home.

I prioritise local studio facilities to record and capture live instrumentation and have access to a wide range of studio spaces, microphones and musical equipment.

Additional Mixing – £40 per hour

I will work on your music as if it were my own, custom-made and delivered on time. When finished, your track will be ready to be submitted for Radio play, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Additional Editing – £40 per hour

Mastering – £70 per track

Studio Session Playing – Average £100 per track

Music Production

Music Production takes the process a step further. This option requires consultation, discussing in detail the expectations and parameters of your project. We will discuss, song writing, composition, and performance, the facilities and equipment required to execute your project efficiently, and the time frame and budget.

Discounts will be included for extended bookings and reoccurring appointments. These will all be highlighted within your plan.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your project.

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