JKP Studios

As part of your consultation we will discuss the right resources for your budget. I will assist you in choosing the right studio, with the right equipment and the right sound. Every studio has it’s own equipment, and unique character.

Here are some of the studios you could choose from:

Rock Hard Studio – Blackpool

The Arch Studio – Southport

Whitelab Studios – Preston

The Grand Studio – Clitheroe

Oscillate Studios – Manchester

Vibrations Studio – Huddersfield

North West Recording Studios – Adlington

As your producer I will advise you in choosing the correct wide variety of equipment such as:

Mixing Consoles

Neve Gensys Black G48, SSL AWS900, Audient ASP8024, Presonus,


Barefoot MM27, Neumann KH120, ATC 300, Yamaha NS-10, Auratones 5C Sound Cubes, Avantones, PMC MB3-a, ATC SCM25a, Dynaudio LYD, Yamaha HS5, HS7.


Neve 1073, API 512c, LA610, WARM Audio WA273, API 500,


Neumann U-87, U-67, U-47 FET, TLM 103/ 67, EA87, Royer Ribbon R-121, Flea 47,AKG 414, 214, C451b, D112, Electrovoice RE20/RE320 Neumann KM184, SE Gemini Valve, SE7, SM7B, Coles 4038, Audix, Avantone Subkick and a variety of Sennheiser and Shure Microphones.

And a variety of hardware and Software Plug-ins.

SSL, Neve, Kemper, UA, UREI, Teletronix, Maag, WARM, Avalon, Manley

and if your adventurous there is the option of recording to tape.

Instruments are also available such as:

Drum Kits

Yamaha Recording Custom, Pearl Masters Studio Birch /Masters Maple, Natal Mapel, Various Yamaha, Pearl, DW, Ludwig and Natal Snares, and various Zildjan, Sabian and Amedia, Handmade Turkish Cymbals,


Yamaha U1, Yamaha U3,


Kemper Profiler, Marshall JCM900, Marshall Origin 50, Ashdown MAG 200, Fender USA Strat, Fender MEX Tele, Fender MEX Jazz, Gibson USA Les Paul, Gibson USA SG, Takamine EG523SC.

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