Angela Denna

“I’ve worked with John on two albums to date. His technical expertise, professionalism, creativity, work ethic, eagle-eyed focus and attention to detail are invaluable and he is a joy to work with. His broad-spectrum passion for music is a great asset and he has a wonderful ability to draw out the very best from the artist whilst still maintaining a warm and fun environment. Highly recommended!”

Just above Snakes

“Jon was fantastic during our time in the studio. He really understood what were going for, contributing ideas and helping develop our tracks. It was like he was an extension the band. He really puts in the work. 10/10!”

Phil Wood

I’ve worked as a bass player with John on several projects with him as producer and lead engineer. My role has always been to come into the studio, get some info and ideas from John and try and give him the bass line he needs. He always brings the best out of the people he hires and works with. His outstanding communication skills, attitude, ideas and general all round top class musicianship bring a project together that would normally take the skills of 3 individual people! Whether it be arrangement, production, engineering or soundcrafting, Johns got all the tools. I’ve seen him make a nervous shivering singer become a ‘Whitney Houston’ lioness within the space on 20 minutes of advice and motivation. There are many producers, but only one John Kirby.

Chris Brookbanks

“Refreshing to work with in the studio – incredibly enthusiastic, yet calm and relaxed with a high level of communication and consideration.  John looks at every element of your work and has ‘eagle ears’ (do eagles have good hearing?) when it comes to setting up rooms for sessions to ensure you’re getting an accurate representation of the sound you’re looking for with a good knowledge of mics and their application.  He is open and honest and will happily point you to things that may not be fitting in your production or rogue elements that need fixing.  Being a multi-instrumentalist, John can add to your tracks in a variety of ways – be it laying down guide tracks, adding drums or simply sliding in a cheeky couple of notes from the Hammond!  Always going those extra miles and a stickler for timing with regard to both the session and your music, you’ll be in safe hands. ”

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