John Kirby is a freelance music producer working in and around the north west of England. He started his career as a stage performer playing drums, guitar and vocals. Since graduating in 2014 John has been working as one of the studio engineers at King Sound Studio in Lancaster.


As a multi instrumentalist John has the unique ability of working alongside musicians in the studio, crafting the sounds musicians aim to create in the studio. This collaborative process often steers away from the typically over produced sound and more towards a natural client centred experience. John has the unique ability to connect with his clients in a personal way. John won the university’s producer of the year in 2014 resulting in a post graduate experience with producer Romesh Dodangoda at the renown Dus Gudgeon Studio suite in Cardiff. Since then John has continued to engineer for numerous artists showcasing his versatility with multiple genres and studio experiences.

John is a qualified teacher in music production and prides himself on the ability to communicate processes and decisions to the client so they are fully aware of the processes involved and how they could potentially improve their studio experiences. John also values the aspect of learning. As technology continues to develop John is continuously researching recording strategies and new innovative ways of improving his own knowledge working in the field. about:blankImageUploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL


John was the leading front man of a Genesis tribute act for 5 years, he has fifteen years experience as a session musician both live and recording music gaining an excellent reputation working alongside numerous musicians.

Bands such as The Jeps Function Band

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The chevrons
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The Watch

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